Thursday, September 29, 2011

Next year...

Last night our crew president showed up ready to plan our super activity for next year. This was pretty significant since we hadn't planned to do that. In fact, most of our plans have fallen through lately. That seems to happen about this time of year. Anyway, our president had other ideas.

He gave a brief introduction about why we do activities, focusing on the fact that the young men will get out of Venturing just what they put in. If they were willing to work and plan, we could have a fantastic year.

At the end of the night we had the beginnings of a plan for our activity next year. Over the coming weeks we'll refine it and develop other activities to help us get there, but we now have something to shoot for.

We will be spending a week around Bear Lake--scuba diving, water skiing, mountain biking, maybe hiking. We might take a day and go down to Logan for a movie. And at some point, I will apparently be dressing up as Darth Vader with all of the boys following me around as storm troopers. But it should be a really fun trip.

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