Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last minute Eagle

On Sunday I conducted an Eagle court of honor for one of the boys in my ward. He is a great young man and his court of honor was really nice. I am really glad he finally got to work and earned his Eagle. The problem is, he'll never get to wear it.

He turned 18 last fall. He had his project done on-time and his paperwork in at the last minute. I don't know exactly why, but his board of review wasn't held until February.

He graduates from High School at the end of May. Five days later he reports to the Missionary Training Center to begin his LDS mission.

Like I said, he is a great young man and I believe he's headed in the right direction in life. I just wish he hadn't waited until the last minute to earn his Eagle.

He will never wear his patch on his uniform. He probably will never wear his uniform again. None of the younger boys will see that symbol worn on his chest and be inspired by it. Getting it done this late in the game means it was more of an item on a checklist than anything else.

I wish all 13-15 year old Scouts could see it from this perspective.

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