Monday, January 9, 2012

My Committee Needs

The committee chairman in my ward has told me that the committee will not have any more meetings until I have something that I need from him/them. So I put together a list of things that I would find useful in a committee.
  • I need a list of merit badge counselors in the ward. 
  • I need someone on the committee willing to track down and recruit said merit badge counselors.
  • I need to have the Venturing Program Capability Inventory completed and expanded so we know what resources our Venturing Crew has to draw on. This could fall to the same person who is tracking down merit badge counselors.
  • I could use help tracking Journey to Excellence for the Troop, Team, and Crew.
  • I need someone to handle Tour Plans.
  • I need an advancement chair so I don't have to do all the advancement for the Team and Crew, and I can get someone I trust more than person currently handling Troop advancement. This would also mean I'm not the one to pick up badges and awards. (But can I really trust someone else to do it right?)
  • I need someone to keep our membership records up to date so that when one person advances in the Priesthood, their Scouting membership is adjusted accordingly. 
  • I need someone to help track and encourage our other leaders to get the training they need.
  • I need program advisors to help the Varsity Scouts manage their team activities.
  • I desperately need help organizing and maintaining our budget.
  • I need someone to help head up our fundraising efforts. If left to me, we might not actually get a fundraiser.
  • I need help finding service projects for the young men to participate in. 
  • I need someone to help track health and medical forms.
  • I need someone to help organize and maintain our equipment. I know the quartermaster should be involved in this, but when you have a troop, team, and crew doing separate activities with the same equipment, it would really be nice to have a committee member help.
  • I really need a committee chair that will hold regular meetings and organize a committee to accomplish the above needs.
They actually do pretty well on scheduling boards of review when needed, so I didn't include that above.

Am I missing anything?


  1. That's a FANTASTIC list - and pretty complete too. I can't think of anything to add - other than the comment that in order to effectively fill those roles, someone will need to be pretty plugged in to the day-to-day operations of the unit. Some can easily be run without that (rounding up medical forms, merit badge counselors, etc.).

    Others, though, like an Outdoor committee member, advancement help and JTE help really require someone that knows what's going on. If you have to hand-hold them too much and feed them every piece of information, it's easier to do it yourself (unless of course someone is really wanting that role and you're delegating it as an opportunity for them - but that isn't the case here).

    Good luck and be sure to post how it goes! Having an effectively-run committee is an important part of a truly effective unit. Our unit doesn't have it all down yet (we are at least holding meetings - but we need more members that can take on actual responsibilities) so I'd be interested to hear any tips/progress on how it goes.

  2. For 1 and 2, "I need someone to make sure that those MBCs are duly registered (annually) and trained, so they are actually MBCs, and not just ambushed/coerced ward members."

    This is really good. You accomplished in a few bullets what I could barely do in two pages.

  3. I LOVE this list! Plus I think it is way productive to hand him this huge list as a way of saying "Hey buddy, you don't just get to stop having meetings! Get to work!!"

    One thing I would add to the list along with the Tour Plan is someone schedule/pay fees for camping trips so that is another thing less for you to do!

  4. Great list. It reminded me of the job descriptions spelled out for the committee members in the Troop Committee Guidebook. Maybe you could add "I need a fully trained committee". If they took Troop Committee Challenge, they might begin to realize what they should be doing.