Monday, April 16, 2012

Wood Badge Staff Development

On Saturday I attended my first staff development meeting for this year's Wood Badge course. I get to be a Troop Guide for the second year in a row. Which means, I already have all my presentations basically ready--I just need to do some tweaking.

It was a really good meeting and I met several new people. I think we have a pretty good staff lined up. I'm glad I get to be a part of it.

Several people practiced their presentations. Troop Guides practiced Listening to Learn. Since I've been there before I felt like I was able to provide more input and contribute more than I did last year. A few of the troop guides were interested in seeing my presentation to get ideas for theirs.

I also had one interesting thing happen. During the presentation on the stages of team development, the staff member in charge showed a slide that looked awfully familiar:
This was a chart I created for a post on this blog back in January. He had apparently found it doing an images search on the internet. Pretty cool.


  1. That must make you feel all :) inside. It's a great feeling to find that someone found what you've said useful.