Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It's time to recharter all the Scouting units in my ward. As the new Chartered Organization Representative, this falls to me. I don't really think it will be that difficult once I get down to it.

Sure, we do have a couple boys who need their registrations moved from Scouts to Varsity, but I don't anticipate that as a big obstacle. Of course, it wouldn't be an obstacle at all if we had a functioning committee keeping track of those things. (That's my number one goal now--get a functioning committee in place.)

What I do see as obstacles, and rather large ones at that, is with the adult positions. (Isn't always the adults that cause problems...?)

First, I need to make sure they all have youth protection training. Not a big deal for an individual to get trained, right? I just have to make sure that all of the individuals do it. That's proving a little more difficult.

Second, and most difficult, we need at least three new people: Committee Chair, Varsity Coach, and 11-year old leader. We really also need committee members. We could just assign the bishopric to be the committee like they did last year. That would fill the positions but wouldn't mean anything, so I'm pushing for a different direction.

The problem there is that I have no idea where those people will come from. I don't see them in church on Sunday unless we strip good people out of other important positions. And then who do we get to be our Elder's quorum president and ward clerk?

I'm sure we'll get there (think positive!) but it has to be done in the next six weeks. With each passing week I'm finding it harder to have faith.


  1. Keep it up! It's worth it. When all else fails, prayer, patience and persistence (with the Lord's help) can get the job done. Just try and find (or develop) other scouters/scouting supporters in your Ward to keep the culture going in the right direction.

    On the bright side, at least your council (hasn't yet) implemented mandatory full training for recharter. We have to ensure all registered adults have all training, including YPT, leader-specific and ITOLS/IOLS.

  2. What are the Scout's parents doing? Are these the same people serving at EQP and ward clerk?

    1. Scout dads include:
      YM President
      YM 2nd counselor
      Stake YM 1st counselor (I want him for committee chair, I just have to get the right people to buy into it)
      Ward Clerk (This is a possibility)
      Three boys don't have dads.
      One boy's dad isn't involved (another possibility, if he'll accept the job)

      I am pushing to having Scout moms involved on the committee.

  3. Fortunately, you're in a position to be able to describe to those individuals exactly what's expected, from "job requirements" (yes, he needs to take them camping EVERY month, Sister Jones) to training (including basic, WB and the AP training from last May - start with that one); and you can accurately explain the why of all of it.

  4. For YP, our BS committee chair had a great idea. They just mixed up most of the callings in our ward, so we have new YM presidency and scout leaders. So the committee chair scheduled a meeting for right after their week night activity (youth activities run from 6:30-8:00 here, so it wasn't too late). She had everyone fill out registration forms while they watched the youth protection Dvd.