Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reasons for Scouting

Last night I was reading through a brief history of Scouting in the LDS church (It's our centennial this year!) and learned something new.

I had already known that the church started a Scout group (known as MIA Scouts) before officially adopting the BSA. What I did not know were the reasons that the church recommended using the Scouting movement as a part of it's programs for young men. One of the reasons given by the committee studying the possibility of using Scouting was that LDS young men needed more outdoor activities. In 1911 a bunch of farm boys in Utah needed more outdoor activities? Wow. What does that mean for our video game addicts of today?

As Scouting in the Church continued to grow, the question was often asked why the MIA Scouts were not affiliated with the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America. Another committee looked into the possibility. After studying it out, the committee recommended affiliation with the BSA for five reasons:
  1. Broader opportunities as Scouts
  2. Definiteness of purpose and standardization of merit
  3. A general uplift and fellowship of the boys of the nation
  4. The missionary work of our boys, associating with their fellows 
  5. A worthy spirit of fellowship and brotherhood with the National Organization
I had never heard that reasoning before. They sound like good reasons to make the affiliation, but I was impressed with how applicable they are today. Those were good reasons 100 years ago, but they are just as good reasons to stick with it today.

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  1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    Another reason for getting outdoors isn't just for the outdoors (although it certainly important in itself). In my experience, it's a place where true opportunities for leadership and challenges happen. It's harder to get those in a few hours on a weeknight or during the hour at church. A lot of learning, leadership and bonding happen during a 50-miler!